Safety Training

Obtaining Training

We strive to make our facilities a safe environment for detector development work. Users of the facilities are key to making these facilities safe by ensuring that they receive the required training that is listed below. The facilities coordinator can help decide which training is necessary and ensure all users have properly completed training plans (ITNAs).

Training classes can be scheduled by on the training schedule web site (requires Fermilab ID number) or by contacting Angela Aparicio.

We STRONGLY advise arranging for this training well in advance of the scheduled use of the facilities. It will also help to read all of the reference materials associated with each class ahead of time.

Required Training

Everyone will need:

New Employee/User Orientation Training: This training should have been completed in order to obtain a Fermilab ID badge. Follow these instructions to take the training online. It includes:

  • GERT: If you do not need to access any beamline under controlled access conditions, then General Employee Radiation Trainingis adequate. This training is required for anyone entering the facilities.
  • Electrical Safety Orientation: This training is to expose unqualified employees to the hazards and consequences of an electrical incident and steps to take to protect themselves from the hazard. This training is required for anyone entering the facilities.

Site Specific Training

There are site specific training needs which are linked from each facility page.

To Complete Training

  1. Experimenters should log into their Individual Training Plan.  ***MISSING
  2. Navigate to a page which is titled Individual Training Plans. Experimenters should enter their Fermilab ID number in the field indicated.
  3. Experimenters should then see a table similar to the one below:
  4. For each class indicated as either “Past Due” or “New Requirement” click on the link in the Course Code column.
    • Read the reference materials.
    • If the text ‘An Online Version of the Test is Available for this Course’ appears, follow the button below it to go to online test.