Scheduling Use of the Facilities

The available facilities are

Noble Liquid Test Facility

Scheduling use of Tall Bo, Blanche, Luke/Materials Test Stand, Iceberg

Experiments in TallBo, Blanche, Luke, and/or Iceberg are scheduled through the Liquid Noble Test Facility coordinator. Please contact Flor de Maria Blaszczyk and provide the following information:

  1. Provide some description of the test specifying which cryostat will be used.
  2. Indicate when the test will take place, for how long, and/or if there are any strict time constraints.
  3. If possible, have an idea of what kind of support your test will require: engineering, mechanical technician, electrical technician, etc.

Once received, the coordinator will follow up with additional questions and instructions about the next step. If you have a general inquiry about any of these test stands you may also email your question directly to the Neutrino Division R&D Coordinator.

More information about the test stands can be found here.

Charged Particle Beam Facilities

Scheduling use of the LArIAT Enclosure

The LArIAT enclosure is scheduled through the Fermilab Test Beam Facility.

Neutrino Beam Facilities

SciBooNE, MINOS Underground

Please contact Steve Hahn (for MINOS Underground) or Carrie McGivern (for SciBooNE) about reserving time and space in the neutrino beam areas.