Scheduling Use of the Facilities

The available facilities are

Liquid Argon TPC Development Facilities

Scheduling use of TallBo, Blanche, Materials Test Stand, LAPD

TallBo, Blanche and the Materials Test Stand (MTS) are scheduled through the Fermilab Exchange Calendar system. The steps for scheduling time on one of these systems are below. In these steps, “System” is a place holder for “TallBo”, “Blanche”, “MTS” or “LAPD”.

  1. Open your preferred calendar application (i.e. Google Calendar, Mac Calendar, Outlook)
  2. Create a meeting invitation for your requested dates and invite
  3. Please indicate that the “meeting” is “All Day.”
  4. Provide some description of the test along with the invitation, indicating any important information such as time constraints, etc.
  5. Send the request

If your preferred dates are not available, you will receive a reply with alternative dates. If you have a general enquiry about any of these test stands you may also email your question directly to the appropriate email address as indicated above. The Neutrino Division R & D Coordinator will respond to your email.

Charged Particle Beam Facilities

Scheduling use of the LArIAT Enclosure

The LArIAT enclosure is scheduled through the Fermilab Test Beam Facility.

Neutrino Beam Facilities

SciBooNE, MINOS Underground

Please contact Steve Hahn (for MINOS Underground) or Carrie McGivern (for SciBooNE) about reserving time and space in the neutrino beam areas.